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Away With the Tears: I'm Ready to live

God, I Thank you for blessing me to write this book.

Thank you for turning my tears into testimonies to help others. Although, I endured a lot of heartache and pain, I gained a lot of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, strength and a closer walk with you.

Thank you for giving me strength to keep going when all I wanted to do was give up.

Thank you for everyone that betrayed me, rejected me, lied on me and walked out of my life.

Thank you for teaching me how NOT to operate in my emotions, but to be still, forgive, walk in love and to pray for my enemies.

Thank you for keeping my mind and for being there for me every step of the way.

Thank you for being my Father, Friend, Mediator, Mentor, My Everything.

Thank you for blessing this book to be a #1 Best Seller (speak it, until it happens).

God, I pray that you would bless everyone that is reading this post. I pray that you would wipe away every tear, fill every void, and heal every broken heart. Let them know that pain don’t last always.

It’s only a test. You will survive. You are more than a conquer. Your latter shall be greater than your past. Better is on the way for you. Believe it and you shall receive it.

Away With the Tears: I’m Ready to Live is a series of stories of how I endured, survived and overcame many trials and tribulations.

Get your copy today at:

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