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My Mission

My mission is to lead women into prayer, help them discover their purpose, and renew self-confidence so that they can maximize their potential to re-engage with their inner self. 



I'm Chanda 

I"m an author, accountant, actress, entrepreneur, encourager, life coach, prayer warrior, but most importantly, I"m a child of God. I have the heart to serve, encourage, intercede, build, spread positivity, and lead others to Christ. 


It's my purpose to spread the gospel and lead women into prayer. Join me in prayer every Tuesday on the Positive on Purpose (PoP) prayer line. 



Non Profit Organization I started with my family & friends.

Away the Tear ...

Away the Tear ...

Intimate memoir inside my jouney through life.

Positve on Purpose

Positve on Purpose

Confidence & Spiritual Coaching, and weekly Prayer line.

My current projects

Looking for Support & Accountability?

Join my email list to receive a weekly scripture and positive affirmations. 


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PoP in every Tuesday morning at 5:30 am CST for Positive on Purpose Prayer

1(720)835-5129 (access code 49505)

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